Neverwinter’s Harvester of Nightmares events returns to let players become dream warriors


Ever wanted to be a dream warrior? If you’re a player of Neverwinter then your opportunity has arrived, as the MMORPG has brought back its Harvester of Nightmares event for another run as of this week.

For regular players, this event will hold no surprises, as they’ll have to invade the Nightmare Realm, defeat the creatures that are feeding on the restless sleep of the populace, and then take out a nightmare version of an existing boss monster in a series of arena-style encounters. This event is considered one of its “appointment events,” meaning it will have a similar reward structure to these kinds of happenings. The fight against nightmares runs between now and December 7th.

In other Neverwinter news, a recent patch has applied a number of noteable bug fixes and adjustments to activities like the Defense of the Moondancer trial, heroic encounters, and the Spelljammer module, along with some tweaks to classes, enemies, and items.

source: official site (1, 2)
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