Mabinogi’s big Beyond quality-of-life update is live as Nexon promises more for December 14


This week brought yet another bout of quality-of-life improvements to the anime MMO Mabinogi in the form of the Beyond update, which brings some new tutorials, improved main story gameplay, and the removal of what Nexon calls “novice-level hurdles.”

Some of these new feature updates include improvements to the part-time job system, a new spirit weapon tutorial built around the return of Eiry the fairy, additional guides for existing content, and multiple visual improvements and streamlining for the game’s main story quests. The patch notes detail it all along with multiple bug fixes on top.

Beyond is the first of Mabinogi’s two-part winter updates: The second part is arriving on Thursday, December 14th, which promises new arcana talents and skills, a new NPC that will guide players towards gathering new arcana points, and improvements to the MMO’s enhancement and enchantment systems.

sources: press release, official site
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