Mabinogi continues to improve the MMO’s quality-of-life with its November 16 Beyond update


You’d be forgiven for believing that an update called Beyond would be bringing transformational updates to Mabinogi. That’s not quite the case, but the features that are arriving are likely to be welcome ones all the same when the patch arrives on Thursday, November 16th.

The headlining feature for Beyond is a series of updates to part-time jobs, which will be posted on a bulletin board, award more XP, will no longer have reset counters, and will also have an increased number of participants. Part-time jobs can even gain the benefit of Phaea’s Abundance, which improves XP rewards by an additional 20% if enough players take on the tasks and fill up a progress bar.

Another primary feature of Beyond is the return of Eiry the Spirit, which effectively refines the process of improving spirit weapons by making her the primary spirit associated with the system. This means she can receive bonus XP from consuming any of the 11 new gem types and will receive maximum ego points regardless of her bond, while unlocking Eiry and spirit weapons will be refined for old and new players alike.

Finally, the update will introduce a new growth guide to help players move forward in their character’s advancement past chapter three of Blaanid’s Memory Book, revamp the mainstream quests to make them more streamlined, and make the UI easier to read.

This entire update continues the quality-of-life improvement drum that Mabinogi has been beating recently, starting with additional QoL updates made last month, so hopefully moving Beyond will make in-game life even easier.

source: official site (1, 2)
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