Throne & Liberty offers about an hour worth of gameplay footage at G-Star


NCsoft was back in show-and-tell mode at this year’s G-Star event as the studio hit the stage to showcase about an hour of gameplay out of its long-gestating MMORPG Throne & Liberty, which is an obviously larger demonstration than the two minute-long cinematic it shared earlier.

The demonstration began with a look at a solo character facing off against a boss in the Taedal’s Tower instance, which showcased the active combat and what appeared to be some timed attack and defense maneuvers, then showing some group-based play in a six-person dungeon, and finally closing out with a large swath of players facing off against a single boss.

Along the way, the devs highlighted features like an updated UI, a smoother control scheme that makes use of the Q, E, and R keys, and the ability for players to customize their character with 12 active and eight passive skills. The devs also talked up the removal of lootboxes and the end of auto-hunting.

Player reaction on Reddit looks to be a bit of a mixed bag, with some fans pointing out that there didn’t appear to be anything new showcased and others expressing heightened interest and excitement at what’s changed.

T&L is headed to Korean players next month while western players are going to have to wait until next year when Amazon plans to publish the MMO.

sources: YouTube, Reddit via
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