AdventureQuest 3D’s new inventory system is ‘faster, smoother, better’


MJ showed up this morning to say that she’s crying with happiness that AdventureQuest 3D completely overhauled its inventory system to make it “faster, smoother, better.” So we trust that this unsanctioned emotional outburst is a testimony to the necessity of such a revamp.

“Your inventories are looking a little cleaner after this update with new filters, sorting options, and an updated UI,” the devs said. “This update affects your main or bag inventory, your bank vault inventory, and your hotkey bar’s usable items inventory.”

Players can now sort their inventory to access items by newness, alphabetical labeling, or category. The devs said that this should help players equip gear “on the fly” — but that everyone should expect even more refinements and improvements to the inventory in the future such as drag-and-drop.

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