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The Stream Team: Sweeping through AQ3D side quests

When a game keeps developing steadily, even if you clear a zone once, that might not be the case later. Such is the ways...

The Stream Team: Wrapping up AQ3D’s Sandsea by battling all the boss challenges

Massively OP's MJ finished up AQ3D's Sandsea story, but that doesn't mean there isn't more to do in the desert! As a wrap up,...

The Stream Team: Showdown with Skorpienne in AQ3D’s Sandsea Saga

The adventure may have spanned two different years, but Massively OP's MJ is finally finishing up AQ3D's Sandsea Saga! She’s collected all the pieces...

The Stream Team: Finishing 2021 off right in AdventureQuest 3D

How can you make memories of 2021 better? By making one of the last ones AQ3D! Massively OP's MJ is going to send off...

The Stream Team: Giving the Gift’hulu of AdventureQuest 3D for Frostval

Ice? Check. Cool new outfits and weapons? Check. Grinchy Moglins. Yes-sir-ee check. Gift'hulus? Checkity check check. Massively OP's MJ has made her list and...

The Stream Team: Pouncing on AQ3D’s Gar-Feld pyramid

Did you know there is an ancient god in AQ3D that loves lasagna and hates Mondays? It's the great Gar-feld, and he has his...

The MOP Up: Trove’s polished paragon paradise

Trove is making sure that its players have plenty to do this season thanks to a Polished Paragon system. This patch came out on...

The Stream Team: Starting AQ3D’s Sandsea story back up

Between holidays and Thor attacks, so much has been happening that Massively OP's MJ has not been able to continue AQ3D's Sandsea story since...

The Stream Team: AdventureQuest 3D’s Darkest Black Friday yet

Massively OP's MJ may exude sunshine and smiles, but she loves the darkness! And AQ3D calls this Black Friday its darkest ever. That means...

The Stream Team: Blaze’s birthday bash in AQ3D

What could make Massively OP's MJ change her AQ3D day? A Blaze birthday bash! To celebrate Blaze's latest evolution around the sun, MJ will...

The Stream Team: More Masquerade unmasking in AQ3D

The party isn't over yet! Massively OP's MJ only made it part way through the unmasking at the Masquerade Ball, so she's going to...

The Stream Team: Mogloween and a masquerade ball in AdventureQuest 3D

It has been far too long since Massively OP's MJ has been able to enjoy some AQ3D. But no matter what is going on,...
Where's Glimmer?

Battle Bards Episode 203: The music of mobile MMOs

For this week’s episode, the Battle Bards turn their attention to an oft-neglected realm of MMO music — that of mobile titles. Will Steff...

The Stream Team: It’s time for PvP in AdventureQuest 3D

Yes, it's true: PvP is now a thing in AdventureQuest 3D, and even though MOP's Chris has the PvP skill of a blind slug,...

AdventureQuest 3D is introducing PvP this week as Mogloween and Taco Day begin

"Players are dying to kill each other," claims Artix Entertainment, and now with this week's update, fans of AdventureQuest 3D will now get their...

AdventureQuest 3D releases the finale of the Sandsea Saga and prepares for Mogloween

The ongoing adventure of AdventureQuest 3D's desert epic has reached its apex with the finale of the Sandsea Saga, which features a fight against...

AdventureQuest 3D invites players to celebrate Friday the 13th with new content at the House of Oddities

Regular players of AdventureQuest 3D know that Friday the 13th is something of a beloved holiday in the game, and while the Camp Gonnagetcha...

AdventureQuest 3D adds more to the Sandsea Saga while changing up boss rotations

Feel like having some meat between two pieces of bread? The idea might occur to you as you're playing through the content added with...

The Stream Team: Taking on AQ3D’s new Pyramid of Crocos Challenge

AQ3D is always adding to the game, and this latest content update unveiled the new Pyramid of Crocos Challenge. Massively OP's MJ is ready...

The Stream Team: The secret of Zhoom in AdventureQuest 3D

The Sandsea Saga part IV has released in AQ3D, and Massively OP's MJ is raring to go! She's been tasked with wiping out the...