BlizzCon 2023: Overwatch 2 previews competitive updates, Clash game mode, and upcoming heroes


The “What’s Next” panels continue to spill forth from this year’s BlizzCon as Overwatch 2 talked up its next several seasons’ worth of updates, most of which are focused entirely on the PvP side of things, though there is a small portion about PvE content as well.

The presentation started with a look at the newly announced Clash PvP mode, which features five control points that teams fight over to capture. Matches start with the central point opening up, while other points open for capture one at a time. The mode sounds like a tug-of-war sort of match type that favors the defensive side, while the win condition involves all five points being captured by one team.

The vast majority of the panel focused on multiple changes to the shooter’s competitive scene: Season 9 will remove the five wins and 15 losses requirement and bring back placements, along with a new Ultimate rank above Grandmaster, UI improvements to clear up competitive challenges and rewards, the addition of emerald weapons, and the promise of better matchmaking and a better solo player experience.

For PvE players, Blizzard confirmed five more heroes being added to the Hero Mastery mode in Season 8, while a Hero Mastery Gauntlet that features typical gameplay and bots, a leaderboard, and rotating heroes will be added sometime in 2024.

Finally, the panel offered a couple of brief previews for upcoming heroes Venture and Space Ranger arriving in Season 10 and 12 respectively, promised to make all mythic skins attainable in the battle pass, offered a look at the upcoming Hanaoak map, and teased another new map located in Peru.

source: Wowhead
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