BlizzCon 2023: Warcraft Rumble deploys pocket-sized fun


Out of all of the games and announcements emerging from BlizzCon this weekend, only one had to do with a product actually going live at the same time. That was, of course, Warcraft Rumble, the recently released strategy game that hopes to claw back some of that valuable mobile real estate that Hearthstone has ceded and call back to Warcraft’s RTS days.

“We wanted to make a game that had many different things to many different players,” the studio said. Early versions of Warcraft Rumble utilized Warcraft III and World of Warcraft models to help the developers kitbash test versions. Ultimately, the team wanted to capture the feel of tactility, of these being living pieces of the game world.

Of course, the main message that Blizzard wants to push for this title is the fact that it’s out right now and you should totally download and play it. The studio listed the feature set — including 70 hand-tailored maps, 65 minis, five “families,” and a heroic campaign — as well as a couple new details that emerged from the show. The first season of Warcraft Rumble went live this weekend, and with it the addition of a new leader with Sylvanas.

There’s a whole lot to do in the game as well, including the normal campaign, a heroic version of the campaign, dungeons, arclight surge maps, work with guilds on warchests, and PvP. Blizzard also teased the 2024 addition of the game’s first raid, Molten Core, as well as co-op content, Scholomance, Moonglade, the Chiamaera flying troop, and PvP updates (including a replay feature).

Source: YouTube, press release
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