Overwatch 2 digests its PvP-focused BlizzCon reveals, promises more ‘surprise and delight’ events for all

Yay, a thing we didn't want.

Overwatch 2 director Aaron Keller is using his usual Director’s Take blog post to take a breath and process the reveals made by the shooter at BlizzCon this year, as he writes about the impact of the show on both himself and the game.

The majority of the post sees Keller talking about the dev team’s “clarity of vision” and embracing of the game’s competitive and sweaty nature, even in modes outside of ranked. To those points, he talks about the design of the upcoming Clash mode and its still ongoing iteration, discusses continued updates to stop match leavers and saboteurs, hints at a reduced spawn time, and promises continued effort to improve matchmaking, anti-toxicity, and anti-cheat measures.

Keller does take a moment in his post to toe the line between this focus on the PvP “core experience” and ensuring players who like to do other things are served as well, with a vague assurance that the team is “working to bring fun and novel modes and events […] some centered around PvP, some around PvE, some both, and some that might be a little harder to categorize.” Keller further explains that the absence of these plans during BlizzCon is less about serving its PvPers entirely and reserving these modes as “a ‘surprise and delight’ moment” for everyone.

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