Destiny 2 details Season of the Wish’s weapon, reward adjustments, and next dungeon launch date


Destiny 2’s community team is continuing to try to make its players focus on November 28th’s Season of the Wish arrival and less on the studio’s layoffs, corporate misprojections, low developer morale, and expansion launch date uncertainty, as this week’s newsletter offers up more information about what awaits in Season 23.

The post opens by confirming the weapon that will be on offer as a season pass reward: the returning and re-imagined Dragon’s Breath exotic rocket launcher, which now gathers up rocket fuel stacks if it’s not fired, then buries its warhead into a target and fires rocket fuel around the affected target. The post also confirms the Pyromancer exotic catalyst’s effect.

The next topic is related to additional economy and reward updates, with the newsletter confirming improved foundry weapon drop rates for clearing legend and master difficulty lost sectors, detailing the rotation of weapon rewards from said lost sectors, and announcing more ritual engram drops during the season’s opening so players can get their new shinies sooner.

Finally, the post confirms a launch date of Friday, December 1st, for the shooter’s first new dungeon of its sixth year. More information about this encounter isn’t provided, but players can at least mark their calendars for the new instance.

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