Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish gets a new trailer as The Final Shape release date still hangs in limbo


The next season for Destiny 2 is waiting in the wings with a launch date of November 28th, but now that release timing is firmed up further thanks to a brief teaser trailer heralding the Season of the Wish.

“Last week, players solved the final in-game puzzle of the Imbaru Engine, a series of tests created by The Witch Queen Savathûn, which revealed a hidden egg of Riven, an Ahamkara Wish Dragon.”

An associated press release confirms the new season’s story content will bring players back to the Dreaming City to find “new weapons, gear, and secrets,” while the video itself provides bare little clues, with smash cuts to the aforementioned puzzle and the glowy claw of the wish dragon.

The arguably larger headline here is the release date of The Final Shape: Season of the Wish is noted in the press release as the last season before the expansion’s launch, and both the announcement and the official site still claim a launch date of February 27th, 2024. However, as we reported at the end of October, Bungie was hit with a wave of layoffs that were severe enough to cause Final Shape to be delayed into June, and now Bungie has reportedly put in a recent disclaimer at the bottom of the expansion’s landing page that warns “dates and content [are] subject to change.”

Bungie hasn’t directly addressed questions about the date at this time, but this apparent new addition to the site along with insider reporting that suggests the remaining D2 devs are facing make-or-break pressure to ensure Final Shape’s success all seems to point on an official delay announcement is soon, meaning that the Season of the Wish could end up being a very long one indeed.

sources: press release, Twitter and official site via PCGamesN
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