Global Chat: Tarisland is the real deal, folks


As Tarisland winds its way through the beta process on its way to our grubby little hands in 2024, there are more and more people getting a look at this promising fantasy MMO. One of these is Bhagpuss of Inventory Full, who delivered a few more impressions lately.

“Once again, I was struck by just how slick the game is. It’s very polished for a closed beta. Also very busy. I suspect this game is going to be quite popular […] It was apparent from the constant jabber on LFG and other channels that a lot of people aren’t just goofing around in a silly beta for some game they’ll never play again; they’re setting themselves up for live.”

Not All Hunters delivers some candid thoughts on this year’s BlizzCon reveals: “One of the most prominent tin-foil hat trends in this regard has been that the final act of the World Soul Saga will set the stage for WoW 2. I would like to debunk those theories now. I mean, I really would. But I can’t.”

The Ancient Gaming Noob attempted to watch that six-hour EVE Online documentary: “I think the main flaw in the video is the same thing you find in any general history book about something like World War II; there is just so much information that could be covered that the author needs to pick and choose what to go into and what to gloss over.”

Going Commando is enjoying the new SWTOR server: “I wanted to see what people were talking about on the server’s first day. There was some silliness going on, but no real toxicity that I could see. Mostly people seemed to be talking about what a strange experience it was to start from scratch again and to have no legacy perks, whether this experience made them miss their legacies or filled them with nostalgia.”

Priest with a Cause gave a report card on WoW Classic Era servers: “I think that Season of Discovery will be massive, but it will likely cannibalise both era and hardcore at least initially. Again, I’m fully planning to at least check it out, and a few people from my guild are planning to do the same.”

Heartless Gamer explained why New World is the most attractive MMO right now: “The game looks and sounds amazing. It is hard to go back to other games or even look at newer games that are nowhere near the visuals of New World. The sound and visuals of chopping down a giant tree in New World are unmatched!”

Occasional Hero is power-leveling a Rune-keeper in LOTRO: “LOTRO isn’t one of those WoW-style ‘blitz to endgame’ types of games, but is rather more about the storytelling and existing in Tolkien’s rich world. So why would I intentionally skip over a lot of that content? Because I’m cheap.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.
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