World of Warcraft will see three more updates after 10.2 in the lead-up to The War Within


The fallout from BlizzCon’s reveal of World of Warcraft: The War Within isn’t complete without a post-show Q&A of curated questions for some of the MMORPG’s lead devs, but now that the video is released, players can enjoy a few more tidbits about the next year in Azeroth.

First off, the devs point out that while they’re looking to release a roadmap of content updates planned for 2024, they did confirm that after 10.2, WoW will receive three more updates before The War Within releases. More specifics beyond that were not shared; the Q&A otherwise notes how Season 4 of Dragonflight gives Blizzard the opportunity to try new things and confirms that the triangulation minigame for Archaeology will not be returning.

As one might expect, the Q&A understandably focused on the next expansion: Warbands are not an opt-in feature (though some options might not be available for warbands), professions will be getting new spec points, dynamic flying will be available to Druid beast forms that can fly, TWW isn’t bringing a stat squish but 12.0 might, and while delves will not have any weekly lockout, other weekly quests and activities will award keys that open the treasure chest at the end of a delve.

For those who want to get an hour’s worth of A’s to certain Q’s, the video awaits below.

source: YouTube via Wowhead
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