WoW Classic won’t be keeping Wrath Classic realms, debates what to do with Season of Discovery characters


The reverberations from all of WoW Classic’s announcements at this past weekend’s BlizzCon continue to be felt across the MMO community. And for every detail that the studio shared, two questions popped up demanding answers. That’s why we’re peering at several follow-up Q&A interviews with particular interest to see how Blizzard is handling the multiple WoW Classic initiatives in play.

One of the most important bits of information from these sessions include the news that — for now — there will not be Wrath Classic-specific servers once Cataclysm Classic goes live on the main development branch next year. The studio “prefers not to” to activate LFR (looking for raid) in Cataclysm but will be adding titan rune dungeons in that expansion. Players can expect that Cataclysm Classic’s phases will happen at a faster pace than the O.G. rollout.

Of course, the Season of Discovery is what everyone wants to talk about. Blizzard said that the first phase of the server, in which players will be capped at level 25, will last between one and three months. The studio hasn’t decided what to do with characters after the Season ends, other than ensuring that they will endure with or without the runes that they collect. A Season of Discovery Classic Era realm isn’t off the table, however.

The Season of Discovery servers will feature stronger mobs to make up for the increase in player power: “At the end of the day, we want players to feel more powerful with the Runes. That is the selling point of Season of Discovery. It’s something new, it’s something special. There should be something that makes you feel more powerful. There might be some tuning changes to the outdoor world.”

Blizzard said that it’s not planning any new hardcore servers for the time being, including a hypothetical Season of Discovery hardcore realm.

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