Perpetuum’s community-run servers introduce the game’s newest robot class, the Destroyer

You put the gun on the robot and make it do a shoot.

It’s been more than two years since the Perpetuum community took over the operation of the science fiction game, and in that time the player-based team has made a number of updates and improvements. But the newest one might be the most immediately and obvious to onlookers with a whole new class of robot, the new Destroyer. Mounting large weaponry and with massive destructive potential, the Destroyer is a prime piece of military hardware with an impressive arsenal.

Lest that sound unbalanced, keep in mind that Destroyers are vulnerable to electronic warfare, oriented toward wide-area damage rather than targeted destruction, and generally require support to really reach their true potential. They’re impressive pieces of the arsenal, but much like the new Flux Ore added to the game, they can’t carry a battle by themselves. In many ways, the most impressive part of the Destroyers is the fact that it shows what the Perpetuum community has done to keep the game developing and improving over the past years.

Source: Official Site (1, 2); thanks to Voidstar for the tip!
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