Player-run Open Perpetuum celebrates second birthday with new content and freebies


Way back in 2017, Perpetuum Online developer Avatar Creations announced it was closing the game because it could no longer afford to develop the title given a lack of publisher and dwindling playerbase. As we wrote at the time, the team planned to shut down the servers and offer up semi-private servers. But at seemingly the last minute, the group granted its community permission to take over the game, and it did just that with the launch of the Open Perpetuum Project in 2018.

Now that project is coming up on its second anniversary! Most recently, the gamerunners updated the heck out of the intrusions system and resources system. The anniversary itself will be marked by a bonus EP event, birthday gifts, and an update that tweaks mining, chassis scanning, artifacts, pitbosses, and more. The game is now up to 4390 accounts created in the last two years. Not too shabby!

Source: Official site. Thanks, Voidstar!

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Thank you for the article!!! How about an interview with the devs?

@Aaron Weddle, the client is actually only 5 euros. It is definitely worth it. And dont let the “community ran” fool you. The guys behind the development of Open Perpetuum are very good and proactive regarding fixing bugs and release features.

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Congrats OpenPerpetuum! Nice to see this game continue.

Aaron Weddle

id play this if they where not charging for the game client even if it is only a few dollars i don’t wanna spend money on community ran id be willing to donate but dont wanna be “forced” to invest


Awesome work. I’ve been enjoying this game for a while now. Great community, great dev team, great game.


Thank you so much MassivelyOP for the article!!
We just put out a new video that might be worth taking a look at: