PEGI adds lockbox warnings to rating labels

We never like these things.

That sure didn’t take long. Earlier this week, we found out that the ESRB would be adding a specific content warning to games in which you can purchase random packs of items as a way of letting people know about the lockboxes a game offers. PEGI has followed suit already, stating that an “Includes random items” label will be granted to games that, well, let you buy digital boxes full of random items as an additional component of anything containing in-game purchases.

It’s worth noting that the change will not alter the rating of the game itself but serve as more information so purchasers have a clearer understanding of the facts. Similarly of note is the fact that the label only applies specifically to purchased items wherein the contents are randomized and unknown at the time of purchase, which neatly dodges any sort of in-game randomness. Games which simply include in-game purchases for predicted and understood items will not get the added descriptor.


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But what about games that radically change their monetization after release?

48 Pistols

Good to see that the ratings boards are still as impotent as they’ve always been.

Just put another sticker on the box, it’ll be fine..

maydrock .

Reap what you sow.

Always nice to see greedy people frak their onselves over.