Newly launched Ethyrial Echoes of Yore addresses double billing bug as Steam reviews tank


MOP’s Chris delivered a harsh but fair verdict on brand-new indie MMO Ethyrial Echoes of Yore in his impressions piece yesterday, and the phrase describing combat as “like poking a dead jellyfish” is now forever stuck in my head. Chris dinged the game’s slapdash visuals, gelatinous combat feel, and technical disarray, while praising Gellyberry Studios’ difficulty balance and exploration push. His ultimate takeaway was that it needs a lot more work and isn’t worth the sub just yet.

Of course, if you went ahead and subbed anyway, you might want to check to make sure you were charged only once, as multiple people have reported flubs with payment.

“We have received several reports of regional pricing not working on several occasions,” the devs wrote in Discord yesterday. (None of this is on the official website or Steam or social media, where it would be easily searchable and findable.) That was apparently fixed with the game’s first patch, at least for the Russian region. And as for the double-subs? There’s a message about that in Discord too; Gellyberry is putting the blame on Steam.

“We have identified the issue with the subscription transaction date. We ask anyone who has made a purchase to check their subscriptions in Steam and to end the subscription if it says ‘processing’ under ‘Next Billing Date’ We will do everything we can to correct this issue and will contact Steam to see what can be done.”

Additional fixes applied over the last 24 hours include tweaks for log-in lag, error messages, character load bugs, and in-game comms. The game has sunk to a “mostly negative” score on Steam; even if we subtract the payment issue complaints, most seem to agree with Chris that the game is “undercooked” and charging too much money for what’s on the table. The game saw a peak of 1815 Steam players on launch day.

Source: Reddit, Steam
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