Sea of Thieves announces a new series of collab quests featuring the Monkey Island universe


In 2021, Sea of Thieves kicked off a collaborative adventure with the Pirates of the Caribbean films, and now it’s doing it again in 2023, only this time it’s bringing players to the Monkey Island universe.

The new content was unveiled during the Xbox Showcase event over the weekend, starting off with a cinematic trailer and followed shortly by a quick announcement post about the collab. This series of quests, known collectively as The Legend of Monkey Island, will be spread out across three different Tall Tales, the first of which is planned to release on July 20th. The announcement promises puzzles, trials, and fights with adversaries, all underscored by Monkey Island’s brand of comedy and character appearances from likes of the Dread Pirate LeChuck and Guybrush Threepwood himself.

“We’ve worked closely with Lucasfilm Games to bring Monkey Island to Sea of Thieves, resulting in an experience that’s expansive, exciting and entertaining,” the announcement reads. “Whether this is your dream crossover as a long-term fan or fated to be your first foray onto the shores of Monkey Island, we hope you’ll feel the love that’s gone into this collaboration and find plenty to love in return.”

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