MapleStory’s Halloween update, the Midnight Carnival Nautilus, is almost upon us


MapleStory understood the assignment: Halloween is en route, and it’s spooky and adorable all at the same time. Nexon revealed the Midnight Carnival Nautilus v.245 update last night, promising the return of the Night Troupe festival, new themed decor and blueprints, “the chance to expand your Halloween Manor to a 3-story house,” and spoopy daily missions.

“The Night Troupe festival of dreams and illusions is back for Halloween! As your Designer Rank improves every week, you’ll be able to participate in more and more of the festivities. […] Win it big on your final week at the Midnight Carnival when you become a Master. On the 4th floor, you will be tasked with finding the real Spiegelmann. Watch out, as two of them are pirates in disguise. You’ll also get the chance to play Shulynch’s Pirate Roulette. Whatever the arrow lands on is your prize!”

As a bonus, this patch will also unlock a secondary pendant slot for all toons, permanently, and kick off an outfit-swap event so you can dress your toons properly for the occasion.

In the meantime, MapleStory fans are waiting for MapleStory Fest itself, after which we’re expecting the next roadmap.

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