Wizard101 brings out a new gold skeleton key boss with ‘valuable’ loot


You should always be suspicious when things get a little too quiet around the Halloween season: That’s when you know that evil is up to sneaky things. Wizard101 sniffed out one such trouble-doer this week, patching in a new Khrysalis gold skeleton key boss for players to tackle.

“A new enemy terrorizes the burrowers in Last Wood, General Lightbane,” the devs said. “You’ll need all you’ve got to defeat this new boss and his mastery of shadow magic. After you do, you will receive some valuable items and spellements from the recent Burrower’s Lore Pack.”

The September 27th patch also made several changes to boss rematches, fine-tuned the Azteca raid, and made PvP gear cheaper to craft at lower levels.

Source: Wizard101
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