Fractured Online’s latest patch adds quick rests and more ultimate legends

Isn't it all nice?

Ever have a tough fight in Fractured Online that makes you just step back and feel like you need a breather? The latest patch for the game has your back, because as soon as you leave combat you can press the K key to take a quick rest. Quick rests will let you start refilling your health and mana, although they’re canceled if you take damage and don’t allow you to recover health from deaths or rearrange your spells and abilities. It’s just a way to fill up and take a breather in relative safety.

And you might need it, because this patch also adds two more ultimate legends to the game, one to each continent. Take on the Rumbling Valley and the Dancing Stones and get ready for some themed enemies and a whole lot of elemental damage. Check out the full patch notes on the official site before diving in, because they certainly include balance tweaks and bug fixes.

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