dual universe

Official Site: Dual Universe
Studio: Novaquark
Launch Date: Planned for 2018
Genre: Sci-fi sandbox
Business Model: Subscription
Platform: PC

Dual Universe will wipe its servers at launch – here’s why and how

The question of whether Dual Universe will wipe its servers at launch is one that has been hanging over players' heads as far back...

Dual Universe’s Q&A video series discusses schematics, megafactories, industry, and ore

From reading that headline, you'd be forgiven for thinking industrial gameplay is high on the minds of Dual Universe players, as a number of...

Dual Universe shares proposed changes to the mass, HP, and resistance of its voxels

Change is coming to a core feature of the building-centered space sandbox of Dual Universe. Honeycomb, the engine that powers the game's voxel technology,...

Working As Intended: MMOs that wish they were Star Wars Galaxies

"My friends and I would skin someone alive for an SWG 2," an old Star Wars Galaxies player recently wrote on Reddit, and that...

Dual Universe outlines streamlining updates arriving to its schematics system

Industrialists of Dual Universe have apparently been hamstrung by the schematics system added to the sandbox all the way back in December 2020, which...

Dual Universe answers questions about learning Lua, Exchange construct rights, and PvP rules

The Ask Ophelia series of Q&A videos from Dual Universe has once more kicked out two new episodes taking player questions and providing developer...

Dual Universe releases its Mercury update while it looks back at two years of beta

Followers of the sci-fi building sandbox Dual Universe have likely been hearing a lot about the Mercury update all this month, but now is...

Dual Universe’s Q&A video series discusses player markets, stasis weapons, and new player advice

Dual Universe's Ask Ophelia Q&A video series continues to roll on, with three more episodes being cranked out by the devs at Novaquark. Here...

Dual Universe’s Mercury update will add a new market, reset talent points, and bring more visual polish

While Dual Universe is counting down to an unspecified release date, the devs at Novaquark are still keen to tweak and add to the...
I'm sure somebody thinks that's neat!

Betawatch: World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight approaches internal testing

Oh, yay, the much-delayed World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is apparently going headlong into internal alpha testing! No, that statement doesn't mean there were formal...

Dual Universe begins the countdown to its launch, won’t perform a full wipe

Houston, we are go for launch. That's the message that NovaQuark has for its Dual Universe community. The studio said that after assessing the state...

Dual Universe’s latest dev Q&A video talks about support weapons and more PvP features

Dual Universe's third episode of its Ask Aphelia developer Q&A videos came online last week, and in it the devs discuss a few potential...

Massively Overthinking: Which MMO will be next to raise its subscription?

Almost three years ago, our writers and readers came together for a discussion about whether the age of the $15 subscription was coming to...

Dual Universe answers player questions about griefing, alien core unit balance, and server wipes

Dual Universe has seen fit to launch a new series of videos called Ask Aphelia, which collect player questions and then answers them. The...
And a real universe.

Betawatch: Dual Universe’s new subscription time token

Subscription time tokens! Those always work out well, right? They always fill people with positive fuzzy thoughts and make people happy? That's a thing,...

Dual Universe touts alien core units as the essential prize you didn’t know you needed

Dual Universe's recent Athena update was touted as the space sandbox MMO's biggest content drop yet, and considering its size, it's entirely possible that...

Dual Universe’s beta introduces an EVE Plex-like coupon for subscription time

Those who haven't been following Dual Universe for a long time may not realize that it's had a subscription system in its pre-launch state...

Dual Universe struggles to ship physical Kickstarter rewards to backers

Let this be a lesson to future crowdfunding campaigns: Be very careful about promising physical rewards because they're a whole lot more difficult to...

Dual Universe previews the visual upgrades of the Athena update

Sure, Dual Universe showed off the visual upgrades coming with the Athena update once before, but this time there's a slightly more comprehensive overview...
Let's prosper.

Betawatch: Prosperous Universe gets a launch date from early access

There's no need to mince words here: We are always happy when a game moves out of early access into actual launch. Often "early...