Dual Universe’s Q&A video series discusses schematics, megafactories, industry, and ore


From reading that headline, you’d be forgiven for thinking industrial gameplay is high on the minds of Dual Universe players, as a number of new episodes of the game’s Ask Ophelia Q&A series have lots of industrial queries. Considering the proposed changes to schematics, we don’t think that’s too surprising.

As a matter of fact, schematics changes got their own full Q&A episode, as the devs answered questions about obtaining master copies, selling schematic copies, what happens to current schematics, and whether there will be public testing of these changes. To that last point, there will not be any test phase due to time constraints as well as the desire to see how these changes affect the game as a whole, which the devs reason can’t be done over a shorter PTS timeframe.

Other answers of note include details on what are the most popular industries (metalworking tops the list), a highlight of megafactories that players have created, word on LUA access for radar, information on how ore is distributed across a planet, and some details about the tens of thousands of schematics in-game.

source: YouTube (1, 2, 3, 4)
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