Dual Universe shares proposed changes to the mass, HP, and resistance of its voxels


Change is coming to a core feature of the building-centered space sandbox of Dual Universe. Honeycomb, the engine that powers the game’s voxel technology, is going to see some adjustments, at least if Novaquark’s proposed changes are approved by the game’s community.

These potential adjustments will move material masses into their own categories (very light, light, heavy, and very heavy), adjust voxel HP values to allow more material variance when players are building constructs, and rebalance voxel resistances with an overall buff and a more sensible curve in effectiveness as players move up in material tier.. The post gets extremely technical throughout and it also offers a table with all of the numerical values.

There’s no timetable for when these adjustments will be brought online, as the devs are asking players to share their feedback on this proposal in the appropriate forum thread before they elect to move forward.

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