Book of Travels elaborates on its prologue and other proposed roadmap changes


While Book of Travels may not want to hold players’ hands and explain things directly to them in-game, its recent roadmap update was perhaps a bit too vague as it left players with more questions than answers on a few of its proposed changes. This has prompted Might & Delight’s COO to pen a follow-up post that grants a bit more insight into what’s being adjusted.

The post leads off with an explanation of what its prologue will be, which effectively is “a ground-up polish” of the game that is meant to guide players to the city of Kasa. The prologue will introduce new stories and mysteries while also expanding existing lore. On the subject of Kasa, the devs are working to improve its performance.

Other parts of the roadmap are given granular detail as well, such as updates to the vehicles that players can ride to make their arrival more clear, new UX features that are paving the way for controller support, the “sort of” return of permadeath (which players will recall was turned off this past November), and some economic changes like train passes needing to be bought or weapons and fishing rods breaking. The beta branch has seen some other roadmap features added like new character customization options and an experimental time system.

Ultimately, the purpose of the roadmap is to combat negative connotations with the game’s hands-off approach, which has led to player frustration and assumption the game has no content. “We always said we would not hand hold in this game. The downside of this is that sales suffered because people say there is no content,” the post reasons. “We have dozens of negative reviews where people played for a few hours, found nothing to do, and then reacted negatively. As it is early access people consider it a “demo” with nothing to do except look at pretty graphics.”

source: Steam
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