Book of Travels updates its roadmap for everyone to see and explains some of the changes

Trook of Bavels

The last roadmap fans got for Book of Travels was a while back, specifically in October of 2021, and somethings have happened since then. Heck, some of the items on the roadmap got delivered on; that alone merits an update. So the developers have put together a new roadmap for everyone with a new list of items and a re-ordered set of priorities for planned content. Kasa and other story content have now been moved below what’s being called the “prologue release,” which now contains Heirlooms and new Forms, for example.

While some of these changes are explained as a simple restructuring and moving delivered items off the roadmap while explaining current priorities, others are not as clear like the addition of the aforementioned prologue release. The concurrent announcement on Steam has been met with numerous player questions regarding what this new intermediary stage means and whether some other unannounced plans have been shifted or removed from consideration, ranging from permadeath to character creation and emotes. So the new roadmap still has some questions to answer, but it’s here just the same.

Source: Kickstarter, Steam; thanks to Christian for the tip!
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