Dauntless will let players form bonds with Ramsgate NPCs during this year’s Saint’s Bond Valentine’s event


Do you fawn over Lady Luck? Do you dote on Dr. Priyani? Are you a Moyra stan? Then your unrequited love for these Dauntless NPCs is about to be expressed in a literal mechanical way during the game’s Saint’s Bond event, which will let players form bonds with certain Ramsgate denizens for some literal mechanical benefits. Also because it’s just nice to do.

During the event, players can take up bonding quests from NPCs or give them gifts, which will award 10,000 weapon XP, 500 event currency, and a legendary title from each character once bonding levels are maxed out. The event is also handing out event currency for completing quests from Honest Ozz, which can be spent on cosmetics, emoji, and curiosities. The fawning over NPCs will kick off on February 9th and end on February 23rd.

Meanwhile, the latest patch that added the event has also made a number of tweaks to the Recycle perk; applied fixes to the Biggest Hit weapon tracker, the Bosun’s Bounty event, and the Blazeworks EN-CB1 rumor; and added the Stop, Drop, and Roll cells from Gauntlet Season 1 to the current season’s reward pool.

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