Dauntless’ Frostfall holiday event brings back classic activities and lets players craft a special sword


While tying the forging of a sword and Christmas together might seem a bit weird, it does make a measure of sense in the world of Dauntless, where the slaying of Behemoths is a normal part of life. With that in mind, this year’s seasonal Frostfall event has a unique twist to the standard festive fare as it lets players craft a special silver sword.

Getting this unique weapon first requires the completion of a series of special quests, which ultimately results in a level one sword. Once the blade is made, players can then take on special limited-time quests in an effort to level the weapon up to level 10, then finally reforge it to unleash its ultimate power. The sword’s stats start off pretty meager at the start, but the fully maxed weapon carries a lot of powerful perks, slots, and the ability to generate attack-boosting Frost Sprites that grant boosted base damage and minor frost damage when they’re picked up.

Of course, the event isn’t only about making a sword. Classic Frostfall activities like snowball fights, snow fort attack and defense, and the finding of gifts around Ramsgate are all making a comeback this year, along with a bevy of seasonally appropriate cosmetics. The latest patch has also made a couple of UI updates and applied a couple of smaller bug fixes.

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