Dauntless’ roadmap teases community-built Behemoth, new game mode, and mini-events


There are not too many months remaining in 2022, but just because time is running out on the year doesn’t mean that players of Dauntless won’t have things to do. The devs at Phoenix Labs have offered up a state of the game preview that outlines some of the multiplayer monster slayer RPG’s coming series of events for the year and just beyond.

The address starts off with a nod to the community-built Behemoth that was created during a livestream at the start of September, aka Codename Crudge. The devs will continue to iterate on this communal effort with a Discord discussion on Tuesday, September 13th, to hash out just what this new beastie’s moveset will look like.

In addition to the player-crafted critter, the game teased a new environment that will be “somewhat familiar to veteran Slayers,” a further expansion of the game’s partner program, and a new game mode that will have players surviving endless challenges with increasing difficulty. Readers may recall this mode being mentioned previously, but the newest tidbit in this address is that the mode will be built with guilds in mind.

Finally, the dev blog talks about the rest of 2022 and the outline of seasonal events, which will see favorite in-game holidays like Dark Harvest and Ramsgiving return with goodies and features that are both familiar and new. Interspersed between these major events will be mini-events that grant bonus XP, currencies, and bounty tokens. The devs have since put up a calendar of events that can be seen by clicking the image below.

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