Dauntless launches Gauntlet Season 2, adds new cells, and cycles battle pass and cache items


The endless time attack mode of Gauntlet that Dauntless launched last month has moved forward to Season 2 this week, bringing on several new features like expanded arenas to fight in, a new set of levels, and new and returning modifiers; some of those new ones include Behemoths that can’t be staggered and increased weapon damage for a specific type of weapon at the expense of others.

The other big ticket feature for this update is the addition of three new cells: Reduce, which lowers attack speed but increased damage output; Reuse, which grants a speed boost when a monster part is broken; and Recycle, which increases damage dealt when the same part is attacked. Obviously, there’s a theme here.

Other updates applied in this new patch include the return of Ostian Rangers and Battle Academy hunt passes, some refreshed cache rewards, new hotkeys for recently added UI elements, and a variety of bug fixes that affect several aspects of the online critter hunting RPG.

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