World of Warships’ Lunar New Year celebration and Airship Escort battle are live


Let me just reassure you right at the start of this article that World of Warships is not, in fact, adding adorable bunnies for its Lunar New Year event.

It is, however, welcoming the holiday today with update 12.0, which includes a Chinese-themed collection, as well as new early access Tier VIII-X U.S. hybrid battleships, Japanese cruisers in the tech tree, a fresh ranked battle season, balance tweaks, and the return of a Dirigible Derby temporary battle type dubbed Airship Escort.

“Kicking off with the update are several in-game celebrations for Lunar New Year. The first of which is the addition of The Age of Sa Zhenbing collection, detailing the work of the legendary Chinese admiral. Players will be able to gather elements of the collection from designated Containers to achieve several prizes, ranging from a day of a Warships Premium account to the Commander himself. Containers to complete this collection can be acquired in different ways spanning combat missions, daily random bundles, and through purchasing from the Armory or the Premium Shop. To further celebrate Year of the Rabbit, the Mid-Autumn Festival permanent camouflages for Dunkerque, Prinz Eugen, Kaga, and Warspite have all been updated.”

Source: Press release
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