Dauntless launches its endless Gauntlet mode and more new story in today’s patch


While the number of fights in Dauntless might already seem endless by default, there is a new mode that’s arriving in today’s update that is quite literally endless. It’s called Gauntlet and it’s the centerpiece of the newest content patch that will let players and guilds test their mettle for unique rewards.

Gauntlet brings players back to old Ramsgate in order to face down five Behemoths per level before time runs out, with each level promising unique and endless challenge. The mode ends when players get to the highest level possible, and those who make it to the upper echelons will earn a spot on a leaderboard.

Gauntlet mode can be played solo, but many of the benefits are meant for guilds, such as the aforementioned leaderboard, collective mode level advancement for guild members, and exclusive rank-based titles and rewards for every Gauntlet season. On the subject of rewards, this new mode will also be where players can earn weapon trackers that let players display weapon-specific stats and achievements, and three new themed cells that are only obtainable through engaging with the mode.

This new mode is the party piece of the latest patch, though other things are on hand for everyone else, including more story quests, a few quality-of-life features related to guilds, and some smaller bug fixes.

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