Path of Exiles’ rogue-like The Forbidden Sanctum launches December 9 for PC, December 14 on console


It’s finally December! And you know what that means. No, we’re not talking about that mega winter holiday filled with elves; we’re talking about the final Path of Exile update and league of the year. Today, Grinding Gear Games introduced The Forbidden Sanctum: Launching on December 9th (December 14th for console), this update brings endgame improvements of an Atlas tree revamp, Eldritch altar rebalance, and new Atlas memories along with new items.

Of course, the update also includes an all-new challenge league. In a nutshell, Grinding Gear Games’ Chris Wilson describes Sanctum as a rogue-like experience, describing how players will carve a one-way path through rooms, facing random boons that help and afflictions that hinder on their way to collect new currency and loot. Each run will be different, and runs only last as long as players maintain their resolve, a new meter that ticks away with each hit they take. For a more detailed look at what’s coming, check out the content reveal in the video below, and watch for our Wandering Wraeclast coming tomorrow.

Grinding Gear Game reveal livestream
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