Dauntless’ latest patch adds weapon trackers for headbutting rams and petting dogs, runs afoul of PS4 players



Have you ever wondered how many times you’ve petted the dogs or butted heads with the rams of Dauntless? Well wonder no more because the multiplayer title’s most recent update will let you do just that thanks to new weapon trackers. These are important data, clearly.

As with other weapon trackers in the game, these two new ones are only available via the Research Lab in the current season of Gauntlet, so if you’re not participating in this endless mode, you’ll just have to make an educated guess on how many dogs you’ve patted. And it had better be in the triple digits at least.

The rest of the patch otherwise engages legendary amps from the Radiant Escalation across all Escalation modes, improves video load times, and fixes a face paint bug.

While this update went live yesterday, apparently it hasn’t arrived to PS4 players, as multiple replies on Twitter and threads on Reddit are calling attention to the fact that players on that platform haven’t gotten the new version yet and are therefore unable to play the online title due to a version mismatch. As of right now there is no word on a hotfix.

sources: official site, Twitter, Reddit (1, 2, 3)
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