Dauntless’ latest content patch brings another Gauntlet season, new cells, and recycled battle passes once again


No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This Dauntless content news post isn’t a copy-paste of the last four stories; it’s just bringing the same things to do yet again, only this time with a number five.

That number five of course references Gauntlet Season 5 as the hallmark piece of the patch, which once again has a new leaderboard to climb and three new cells that are designed around attacking smaller summoned minions or calling forth bomber minions yourself. The patch also has another cycling of its reward cache goodies and season passes, with the former bringing back the elder armor and time-themed weapon skins while the latter reruns the Marauder’s Mask and Glorious Battle hunt passes.

The patch notes for the update otherwise don’t hold many major surprises, as they outline things like a full integration of Epic Online Services for all social interactions and some bugs for quests and UI. So don’t think you’re suffering from deja vu; it’s just the same sort of content as the last few times.

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