Dauntless kicks off its fourth Gauntlet season with new cells and cycled battle passes


If your idea of a good time in Dauntless is playing the game’s Gauntlet season, then you’re in luck: The newest patch to the multiplayer RPG has kicked off the fourth season of the game mode with some new cells to match. If you’re not interested in Gauntlet and were hoping for things like a new weapon, a new monster, or a new area, well you’re out of luck this patch. Again.

Gauntlet Season 4 sees a new Toxic Shields modifier added to the modifier mix along with several returning ones, while the mode has new titles to earn and its research lab has another set of new weapon trackers to get. Speaking of getting things, the research lab also adds the Impulse, Inertia, and Conservation cells for players to go after.

As for the rest of the patch, there’s another rotation of hunt passes, a refresh of the reward cache, and a couple of bugs to address weapons and Gauntlet. It’s a bit “second verse same as the first,” but those who like Gauntlet probably won’t mind.

sources: press release, official site
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