Dauntless celebrates its fourth anniversary with a returning quest, double XP, and bonus bounties


Despite the woes befalling developer Phoenix Labs of late, the fourth anniversary of the multiplayer RPG Dauntless has arrived, as this year’s annual event is effectively a repeat of last year’s quest line that commemorates the First Slayer while also offering some boosts to player earnings.

The First Slayer quest line will once more task players with fighting the original eight beasties in the game and then take on both the Shrowd and Rezakiri in a double hunt. Those who complete all of these activities will unlock an even more difficult encounter known as Last Slayer’s Hope, while event rewards once again offer up the Firelight sword skin and a special Firelight crown.

On top of the returning anniversary quest, players can earn double XP from all sources, earn an extra bounty token for clearing bounties, and take up returning and repeatable event quests for more currencies like rams, patrol keys, and combat merits. The entire event runs from now until June 1st, while boosts will run on specific dates during that time, so players might want to check the patch notes for details.

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