Hearthstone does a balance pass as Blizzard declares that the ‘meta is in a pretty good spot’

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Is there anything more dread-inducing than a balance pass in a competitive online game? You never know if your favorite deck, build, or combo is about to be broken by a whacking with the dreaded nerf stick. So brace yourself, Hearthstone fans, because nerfs and buffs abound with this past week’s Update 26.2.2.

The good news is that the studio said that this really isn’t that extreme of a pass: “Overall, the meta is in a pretty good spot right now, with lots of competitive options for players across almost every class. This is our opportunity to some adjustments that hit a few power outliers and play experience outliers. We’re also including a few buffs that we hope will give players a few more neutral options and open up some space for the weaker classes.”

Blizzard said that it’s slightly delayed the next heroic tavern brawl to give people time to adjust to the changes.

Source: Hearthstone
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