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Dauntless celebrates its fourth anniversary with a returning quest, double XP, and bonus bounties

Despite the woes befalling developer Phoenix Labs of late, the fourth anniversary of the multiplayer RPG Dauntless has arrived, as this year's annual event...

TibiaME celebrates 20 years and its place as ‘one of the first MMORPGs for mobile devices’

MMORPG fans of a certain age will already be familiar with Tibia, an MMORPG that's been going on for over 25 years now, but...

City of Heroes Rebirth rogue server marks four years with XP buffs, a badge, and a Nemesis invasion

Another of the rogue servers for City of Heroes has made it to a big milestone: a fourth year of operation. That rogue server...

EverQuest II celebrates Classic EverQuest’s 24th anniversary with the return of the Chronoportal Phenomenon

No, the Chronoportal Phenomenon isn't a progressive electro band name; it's a recurring event in EverQuest II, and it's back once again to mark...

Closers continues to celebrate its fifth anniversary and announces plans for a mobile version

The five year anniversary celebration of Closers, which first kicked off in late January, is continuing on with a second round of festivities still...

Lost Ark stops sales of chests in its anniversary gold shop thanks to a problem with character binding

This week was meant to be a happy one-year anniversary for Lost Ark's western release, but instead it's ended up being a bit of...

Blade & Soul celebrates seven years and the new year in latest update

Blade & Soul is throwing a party and you're invited. The game's latest update is hosting several celebratory events to mark the game's seventh...

World of Warcraft Retail throws an 18th anniversary bash full of returning foes and new quests

This week marks the 18th anniversary for World of Warcraft, which naturally means that there's going to be a celebration that marks the milestone...

Player-run Neocron server marks its 20th anniversary with a seasonal server game mode

How will the player-run cyberpunk MMO Neocron mark its 20th anniversary? Apparently, it's going to do so by opening a new server and new...

Star Stable celebrates over 1B in-game races and 10 years of operation with the Equestrian Festival 2022

Players of Star Stable have participated in over 1 billion races while the horse-centric MMO has been online for 10 years. Those numbers are...
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Tamriel Infinium: Are Elder Scrolls Online’s events too much of a good thing?

The Elder Scrolls Online players are suffering an embarrassment of riches at the moment. The 25th anniversary of the Elder Scrolls franchise coincides almost...
Ohhh snap.

Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates seven years with firework backpacks

It's been seven years of playing in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and to celebrate the occasion, players can strap a volatile mixture of explosives...

TERA kicks off more anniversary celebrations plus opens Corsairs’ Stronghold PvP battleground on console

The entire month of May has been claimed for TERA's anniversary celebration. It's too powerful to let the anniversary events end. So you'll have...
Long time gone.

TERA prepares a month of events for its six-year anniversary

Can you believe that TERA has been around for six years now? That's not old enough to pass any sort of legal milestones (and...

Final Fantasy XIV celebrates another anniversary with The Rising

Once more, a year has passed in Final Fantasy XIV, and once more the Wandering Minstrel is back around to prompt adventurers to join...
That's not a doll, guy.

Final Fantasy XI preps a new event for its 15th anniversary

It's been 15 years now since Final Fantasy XI first launched in Japan, and the game is still receiving updates to this day. (Seriously,...

EverQuesting: Digging into EverQuest’s 18th birthday and chatting with Daybreak

Holy smokes! EverQuest is old enough to vote! The world of Norrath just turned 18 years old on March 16th. In the US, that...

The Stream Team: Party hearty with Hobbits for Lord of the Rings Online’s anniversary

There's no denying: Lord of the Rings Online throws some pretty good shindigs throughout the year. And the anniversary event is no different; players...

Go drunken gnome racing in EverQuest’s 17th anniversary events

Another year has come and gone for EverQuest, and there are two new events to help players get in on the festivities. Starting at...

Final Fantasy XIV previews its anniversary event

It's been just about two years since Final Fantasy XIV relaunched and surprised more or less everyone by being an enormous success story. Not...