Lost Ark stops sales of chests in its anniversary gold shop thanks to a problem with character binding


This week was meant to be a happy one-year anniversary for Lost Ark’s western release, but instead it’s ended up being a bit of a headache, as an issue with the special Twinkle Twinkle Exchange Shop that was part of the anniversary patch is forcing Amazon Games to slap on a bandage.

The problem is related to specific chests full of boosters that were intended to be character-bound but ended up being account-bound. Instead of switching the binding rules for already purchased chests, the devs are halting the purchase of the affected items until maintenance on February 15th, at which point purchased chests will be removed from player inventories, gold spent on them will be refunded, and new chests that will be character-bound as intended will be available. In addition, the event shop will stay open an additional two weeks and all players will get a compensation package.

It’s not a particularly huge problem, but it is one that Amazon intends to address while also feeling appropriate to the ARPG’s anniversary, since the fixing of major SNAFUs has also been a part of the Lost Ark experience.

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