Dauntless’ latest meager patch notes cause players to assume the worst


MMOs and multiplayer games getting small patches isn’t anything new, and is indeed often a necessary part of running a live title, but the two lines-long update applied to Dauntless is another of the death by a thousand cuts that players of the game seem to be experiencing of late, and vocal dissent appears to be only ramping up.

This new patch is important in that it addresses performance problems and crashes for specific platforms, but the only other note is a bug fix for weapon trackers. The patch also incidentally took a bit longer to deploy.

This iterative update, along with recent content patches that have simply opened more Gauntlet seasons, added new cells, and cycled battle passes, has many people on Twitter and Reddit wondering aloud about the state of the game. Most continue to ask for a new weapon or a new behemoth, others believe that Phoenix Labs has put the title in maintenance mode following that buyout and layoffs earlier this year, and many more are simply claiming boredom.

What might not help this sentiment is a development roadmap that looks like it hasn’t updated in a while: At the time of this writing, plans for a new behemoth and a tonic refresh posted in January are flagged as “on hold,” while the production portion that notes the spring event, XP banking, and the Silver Sword quest’s return are all flagged as “new” when these features went live in February.

sources: official site, Twitter (1, 2), Reddit, Trello
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