MapleStory brings a new class, improved leveling, and a new event in its Savior update


MapleStory is once again getting another big content drop on Wednesday, June 14th, in the form of the Savior update, which will introduce a new event focused around a fairy opening a Wongstaurant, a streamlining for leveling from 200 to 259 in Arcane River, and the return of the XP-boosting Burning World server, followed by the party piece of the new chakram-wielding character Khali on June 27th.

A couple of Savior’s features were highlighted in a recent livestream with the devs, which talked up the leveling revamp (while acknowledging the player drop-off at around level 210 and 220) and previewed some of the event rewards in the Wongstaurant. That video can be watched below the cut.

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