Dauntless shares plans for more XP banking, early Springtide details, and the Silver Sword quest’s return


The devs of monster slaying multiplayer RPG Dauntless are hard at work on a variety of updates coming down the pike, which were shared by the Phoenix Labs Trello site with some highlighted new cards in the “In Production” section of the roadmap.

First, those who are banking weapon XP right now will be happy to note that banked XP limits will be raised to level 20, which is enough to bring a weapon right back to max level once it’s been reforged. A date for this feature’s release hasn’t been tied down yet.

What does have a date is the Springtide Easter event, which will run between April 6th through the 20th. This event will once again bring back classic seasonal quests involving saving pufflehops, but it will also feature “a new gameplay weapon” that players will get to unlock and level up, which might be the signature mission that was referenced in an earlier roadmap post; it’s not immediately clear whether this means a brand-new weapon is coming or just a more powerful existing weapon like the holiday Silver Sword.

Speaking of that Silver Sword, the quest to complete the weapon is also going to be making a return between March 9th and 30th, granting players who missed the holiday event a chance to begin the quest and those who already started to pick up right where they left off. More information is likely to come oozing out in the coming weeks, but for now, Slayers have a clearer look at the next two months.

source: Trello
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