Check out these behind-the-scenes documents about the design of Infinite Crisis

Finite interest.

As you no doubt know, Infinite Crisis is long gone. It’s so gone that we recently ran a piece walking through the game’s development, launch, and swift sunset. One of the former Champion Designers on that game’s development, Max Nichols, was inspired by this article to remind everyone that he shared some behind-the-scenes documents on how design and templates for same worked for the game during its development cycle.

Yes, this means that Massively Overpowered is now reporting on news we helped bring back to the forefront. We are a video game ouroboros.

The 13 heroes designed as well as the supplemental design documents will not offer further enlightenment to anyone regarding why the game completely failed to gain traction in the market, but they will provide an interesting look at the process video games take to go from initial concept to finished versions. And if you’ve already been walking down memory lane as you look at the game’s closure, why not take a few steps more with us? It’s fun.

Source: Max Nichols’ blog (1, 2). Many thanks to Max for sharing with us!
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