Guild Wars 2 is giving everyone free rainbow wings to celebrate Pride Month

Die mad about it.

It’s the start of June, and that means Pride Month is here once again for everyone who celebrates. And what better way to celebrate than with some new wings in Guild Wars 2? Sure, macaws don’t actually have wings quite like the pride flag, but they’re darn close, and the symbolism is appreciated. And you can get these wings for free through the end of June as a show of support from the developers.

For those of you who wish to sport these wings to show your identity, you’ll have to go through an arduous process of logging into the game and… wait, that’s actually it. That’s all you need to do. You can then sport these wings whether you’re part of the community, support the community, or just really like macaws. Or all of the above! Show off your pride in style by claiming you some free wing and then flying over Lion’s Arch shooting rainbow lasers while fireworks erupt above you. (Note: The wings do not enable fireworks or rainbow lasers. Or even flight. But they’re nice wings.)

Source: Twitter
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