Warframe celebrates Pride Month with a charitable donation and fan-made cosmetics


Warframe has joined in on the delightfully growing list of MMOs that are celebrating Pride Month, with a whole selection of cosmetic items as well as a charity drive and highlights for various LGBTQ+ members of the game’s streaming and creator community.

Players are being invited to check out the in-game market where they can find some new Pride cosmetics made by LGBTQ+ fan artists like a Pride display and a Pride glyph, along with the return of the Pride color palette, all of which will cost only one credit apiece. Additional goodies are also being handed out via Twitch Drops for tuning in to features streamers for at least 45 minutes.

On top of the featured goodies, Digital Extremes has kicked off Pride Month by donating $20K CAD (or just under $15K US) to Rainbow Railroad, a global non-profit organization that helps LGBTQ+ people find safety when they’re displaced by systemic, state-enabled homophobia and transphobia. Fans of the multiplayer shooter are being encouraged to join in on the charity effort by donating through Tiltify or forming community fundraisers. And speaking of that growing list, you can find that below as well.

source: official site, thanks to Leo for the tip!
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