Here’s a peek at procedural gen and abilities in the new announced Cube World Omega


Last week, we covered the out-of-the-blue news that the creator of Cube World had emerged from a four-year silence with another take on the beleaguered game.

Cube World Omega, Picroma’s Wolfram von Funck aka Wollay said, will be a new game in a new engine with a lot of the original Cube World stylings and mechanics. At the time, all we had to go on was a single blog post, a couple of animations, and a brief video showing off the current build; there wasn’t much else.

Now, in another blog post – maybe a trend? – Wollay talks up his procedural model generator and signature abilities.

“One thing I always wanted to do is to give each enemy type in Cube World a distinct combat behavior, e.g. by giving them signature abilities,” he writes. “That way, we get more variation and players need to adapt their tactics to each enemy. So I started by giving bats the signature ability Vampiric Bite, which bats can use to deal damage and heal themselves at the same time. In this is case, it’s a good idea to prioritize dodging these attacks. To better visualize such abilities, I added small cast bars that display the name and duration of them.”

As we noted last time, there’s no window for a possible release, but at this rate, we’re expecting a lot more blog posts are in order before players can enter the world themselves.

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