The Wagadu Chronicles confirms a Steam early access launch date of December 4

What you gonna Wagadu?

Afrofantasy sandbox MMORPG The Wagadu Chronicles has been talking up plans for early access this year, from opening its Steam page to showing off a gameplay trailer, but developer Twin Drums was mostly avoiding a calendar date – until now, that is, as the studio has just confirmed Monday, December 4th, as its official early access release date on Steam.

The reveal otherwise keeps things pretty general, as the announcement notes features for the early access build like a roleplay focus, a turn-based combat system that supports up to 12 players on the field at once, upgradeable villages, and two minigames in the form of oware PvP and rhythm-based fishing.

Regular readers know that we’ve been following Wagadu’s development progress from the very jump, starting with its 2020 Kickstarter campaign that raised nearly $200K, through its wide assortment of art and gameplay previews, all the way through its alpha testing phases, the last of which occurred this past April. And now it’s headed for its next major milestone.

source: Twitter
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