The Wagadu Chronicles opens its Steam page and plans for an early access launch by year’s end

art by Iga 'Igson' Oliwiak

We’ve been following the development track of the afrofantasy sandbox MMORPG The Wagadu Chronicles as far back as 2020, from its soaring crowdfunding success through to its various testing rounds. Developer Twin Drums is now excited to share its newest major milestone, as the game now has its Steam page online for wishlisting and plans an early access launch sometime by the end of the year.

Followers of the project are being urged to wishlist the game not only to be notified of when an early access copy can be bought but also to boost its visibility on the platform. “If you are curious about the game – or simply to support a small, colorful independent studio trying to make a difference in the industry – we’d be eternally grateful if you wishlist us and boost the algorithm,” reads one of Twin Drums’ latest tweets.

Meanwhile, the game’s Twitter account has been alive with nods to both its MMO and its tabletop setting, while the latest Kickstarter post details work done on character creation, XP earnings, post-tutorial questing, and cooking and alchemy.

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